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Catwalk Poison CCDV 18: Ruka Mihoshi CCDV-18, 美星るか

Catwalk Poison CCDV 18: Ruka Mihoshi

Starring: Ruka Mihoshi
Length: 130 min
Release Date: 2/28/2019
Series: Catwalk Poison CCDV 
Studio: Catwalk Entertainment 
Media: DVD

1) Sex with an exclusive soapland lady
2) Sex with a horny and submissive schoolgirl

Catwalk Poison CCDV 18: Ruka Mihoshi CCDV-18, 美星るか, Two great fantasties for a real japanese beauty. Ruka Mihoshi or Mihoshi Ruka lplays a high-end soapland soapy massage brothel lady. Her deluxe service will clean you up and drain you of fluids. In the next scene, Ruka plays a horny school girl who is also very submissive and plays to your every desire.

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タイトル: キャットウォーク ポイズン CCDV 18 超高級ソープ嬢とラブラブSEX
主演女優: 美星るか
スタジオ: キャットウォーク