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Reina Hashimoto, 橋本怜奈, Fucking a Yukata Girl, サマーヌード 浴衣姿のカノジョに欲情!~夏のエッチはネットリと~

Reina Hashimoto, 橋本怜奈

Reina Hashimoto, 橋本怜奈, Fucking a Yukata Girl, サマーヌード 浴衣姿のカノジョに欲情!~夏のエッチはネットリと~

ただでさえ可愛くてナイスバディの橋本怜奈ちゃんが、浴衣姿で大好きな彼氏の欲望に答えます。 浴衣姿でデートに現れた怜奈ちゃんと、ムラムラが止まらない彼氏は車中でイチャイチャ。愛撫されてその気にさせられて彼の大きな肉棒をいやらしく音を立てて舐め回します。我慢できなくなって口の中に出された精子を美味しそうに飲んじゃう彼女に戸惑いとさらなく興奮を抑えられなくなる彼。家に戻って一緒にお風呂で身体を洗い合っているうちに我慢できなくなった二人は、お風呂でそのまま挿入!最後は大量に中出しされちゃいました。



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Reina Hashimoto, 橋本怜奈, Fucking a Yukata Girl, サマーヌード 浴衣姿のカノジョに欲情!~夏のエッチはネットリと~,



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Tokyo Cream Puffs 4 : Yukina Aoyama, Azumi Kawakami, Yuri Aoyama

Tokyo Cream Puffs is back again; only this time with even more thick J-cream making its way deep inside and then spilling out of the loveliest selection of J-pussies around….


Yukina Aoyama is a professional soapland chick whose skills with foam and creamy substances stand second to no one. She uses shaving cream to foam up her big luscious tits and white skinned body, before giving her customer the full on soapland treatment from start to finish. She uses her body and soft tits to massage his cock while rubbing a couple of fingers under his ball-sack, brushing the crack of his ass as she goes. She strokes his knob with warm lotion and rubs his nuts and anus with the other hand. They wash together in the tub before she readies herself to get all dirty again; only this time with a thick creampie deep inside her bright pink slice. The bright white jizz makes its way out of her Asian flower and drips straight down to her pretty little anus.

Yuri Aoyama is a very sexy J-slut with nice eyes and a pretty smile. She is watching an adult movie when she suddenly finds herself sucking on our guys cock. She slow sucks and teases his hammer for a long time. Her small tits are perky and very fresh and her nipples point outward to enough to poke someone in the eyes, as she continues to suck cock, slurp, spit and massage his man tits. She takes his load in her mouth and after rolling it around on her tongue and gargling with it, spits it out in her hands. She then hops on one more cock; this time with her hairy and plush J-garden sucking up our mans garden hose with the hopes for lots of fresh fertilizer. He delivers and leaves her a thick load of potent J-jizz to keep her garden and flower fresh.

Azumi Kawakami has a thick muffy muff and soft tits, which are much larger than the average J-chick. She welcomes our three guys who are best in touch with the local creampie scene; including local celebrities Stumpy Yamamoto, Shaggy Nakadashi and Bushy Nakamura. They finger fuck her wet slice and feed her plenty of cock, as they all take a turn and fuck this girl hard. Her pretty titties bounce around as her swollen Asian vagina sucks up load after load of the crews cum.

Manami Ohtsuki is a horny girl who agreed to our offer to fuck on camera for the very first time. She uses her feet to massage our camera mans ball bag and takes off her shirt showing us her small and very pretty tits that are are bra-less under her tight summer shirt. Her pink panties give way to an even pinker hole, surrounded by dark, soft, and very furry J-hair. She is cock hungry and very horny too, slurping up and vaginally ingesting our guys cock in several positions, before slice swallowing his massive cream pie.

Yu Izawa is a sexy mama who is horny almost all the time. Her pussy lips are thin, yet spread open wide, exposing her bright neon, orange-colored puss. She loves a big vibrator buried inside her, as her nipple tips quickly stand on end. Her fuck hole fills with thick J-slush, that her man gushes out of her with his highly trained fingers. She grabs on to his wang with her mouth and then with her pussy too. He starts her off slowly, before speeding things up and pounding this girl out hard, finally depositing a large, sticky one deep inside her fuck hole. Her flaps open wide enough to let some of the residual glob naturally drool out.

May Lyn comes from China and is very much like your average young J-girl, with the exception of her somewhat boyish face. She speaks Japanese, is very petite in size and is rather shy like a J-chick. She is only 89 pounds and 19 years old; and her tits still look like they should be in a training bra. Her pussy is an all natural Chinese model, with ample hair, thick lips, pronounced clitoris and lots of organic Chinese extract bubbling out. This tiny thing takes some cock down her throat, but prefers to lay back and wait to be split in 2; as her pussy pressure builds up and thick China made foam excretes from her hole. Its not too long before even thicker J-cream fills her tiny oven and oozes out quickly, travelling through her tiny Chinese ass crack.

starring: Yukina Aoyama, Azumi Kawakami, Yuri Aoyama, May Lyn, Yu Izawa, Manami Ohtsuki

series : Tokyo Cream Puffs
length: 202 minutes
release date: 2009-09-21
studio: Third World Media / Asian Eyes