Kabukicho Girl Miina Kanno strips sexy white lingerie

Encore Vol.41: Miina Kanno

Miina Kanno - S2M-041 - Kabukicho-Girls.com

Starring: Miina Kanno
Length: 120 min
Release Date: 5/16/2012
Series: Encore
Studio: Stage 2 Media
Media: DVD (Blu-ray version is available)

Big tittie Japanese girl, Miina Kanno goes to a *reverse* soapland and gets serviced by a soap boy!

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Big tits goddess Miina Kanno strips sexy white lingerie

Miina Kanno’s latest movie is a reverse on the theme of soapland sex.  Miina visits a soapy massage place and is served by a Japanese stud who is ready to rub more than her feet.  As Miina disrobes her ample tits make the lucky masseur’s eyes pop out as well as his dick.  Miina is one of the hot cougar babes of the moment in Tokyo.  This movie proves why, with her excellent titty fuck technique and her slippery sliding fuck.

10 on the peter meter for me.


Misaki Akino is the queen of kimono masturbation techniques

Model Collection: Misaki Akino

Starring: Misaki Akino
Length: 130 min
Release Date: 5/09/2012
Series: Pork Teriyaki
Studio: Studio Teriyaki

1) Masturbation in kimono
2) Big dick blowjob
3) Kimono creampie sex
4) Soap lady blowjob
5) Soapy massage
6) Slippery mattress sex
Misaki Akino is the queen of kimono masturbation techniques

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Imagine a world where a Japanese porn star travels back to the Edo period and outfits herself in a perfect kimono ensemble.  Imagine, Misaki Akino being that model.  Then imagine the same model, Misaki, delivering a powerful soapy bath scene and there you have PT-98.  I love cosplay, period dramas and Japanese porn.  Studio Teriyaki delivers all 3 on a hot, hot dvd, PT-98.  Enjoy.