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Big Boobs Japanese Wife Yui Satonaka Cleans Cocks at Love Hotel

Dirty-Minded Wife Advent 49: Yui Satonaka – SKY-308

Japanese housewife Yui Satonaka is new blowjob maid at Love Hotel

Yui Satonaka – SKY-308 –

Beautiful big tits Japanese wife becomes a cleaning lady at a love hotel and ends up cleaning dicks more than rooms!

Big boobs Japanese wife Yui Saonaka must take a part-time job. She finds one cleaning rooms at a Tokyo Love Hotel. The manager is really turned on by this Japanese beauty and gets her to open her shirt and bra revealing massive Japanese boobs. He offers her the job if she’ll give him a little play so Yui titty fucks her new boss and finishes him off with a nice cum-in-mouth blowjob that ends with extra cum dribbling all over her beautiful oppai. Her first clean up will be her own tits and the manager’s dick.


Yui begins working at the hotel but finds it difficult for her mind not to drift toward sex considering all the sex going on around her. Yui takes a break and strips off her skirt, pantyhose and wet panties for a little finger in pussy time. Yui’s masturbation is so loud she disturbs the neighbors who have new plans for Yui’s break time. Poor Yui. So much dick and it’s only her first day.

Dirty-Minded Wife Advent 49 - Yui Satonaka - SKY-308

Yui Satonaka does a little on the job masturbation to relieve her sex stress from hearing so much fucking going on.

The very next day Yui gets a note from her boss that a guest needs some fresh linen and towels. Yui arrives and finds the guy wants Yui more than he does the towels. Yui is happy to oblige and gives him a wild bareback fuck that ends with her pussy being creampie filled with hot Japanese cock cream. Yui loves her work and she lets the guests know it.

Yui Satonaka - SKY-308 -

Yui Satonaka gives a love hotel guest bareback creampie sex

Secret threesome service – Yui is making her rounds to make sure her guests are satisfied and have everything they need. She knocks on room 238 and two men rush to the door. They pull Yui inside and immediately begin groping and kissing her. Soon all of them are naked and Yui is sucking one cock while the other guy’s cock is pounding her tight Japanese MILF pussy. Another day of cock cleaning for hot big boobs MILF, Yui Satonaka.

Dirty-Minded Wife Advent 49 - SKY-308 -

Yui gives secret room service to two horny guys. She brings the towels and then makes them very messy.

SKY-308 -

Big tits JAV Idol Yui Satonaka